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To secure your interactions with Nexus AI's API and ensure the privacy of your data, a robust authentication process is in place.

Obtaining Your API Key
  1. If you haven't generated an API key yet, refer to the API Key Generation guide.

  2. Copy the generated API key from the dashboard.

OAuth 2.0 Authentication (Optional)

If you prefer OAuth 2.0 authentication, Nexus AI supports this industry-standard protocol for secure authorization. Follow these general steps:

  1. Register your application with Nexus AI to obtain client credentials.

  2. Implement OAuth 2.0 in your application using the provided client ID and secret.

  3. Include the obtained access token in your API requests.

Refer to the OAuth 2.0 Documentation for detailed instructions.

Testing Authentication
  1. Use tools like cURL, Postman, or your preferred HTTP client to send test requests.

  2. Verify that your authentication headers are correctly configured, and requests are successful.

Troubleshooting Authentication

If you encounter any issues during the authentication process, refer to the Troubleshooting section or contact our Support Team for assistance.

API Key Generation

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